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If you are here reading this then motherhood is probably not what you expected it to be.

You mattered before and you matter now.  I want to empower you to be the mom you are versus the mom you feel like you should be. You can find the joy within your life again - even more, you can feel joy about yourself, your children, and your relationships again.    

I believe that you have the ability to feel better.

I work with women who are seeking support during the planning, pregnancy and postpartum time periods. The transition into parenthood is filled with many intense emotions and sometimes parenthood does not feel or look how we expected it to and this can be difficult to cope with at times.  

I provide counseling to help individuals cope with the issues that arise during this significant life transition - these include (but are not limited to) anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family dynamics, feeling chronically overwhelmed, scary and intrusive thoughts, work and life balance, stress management, grief and loss, self esteem, boundary setting, and assertiveness. Sometimes there can be a stigma to any feeling that is not positive, especially while you are becoming a mother. 

My role is to make sure that you feel supported, validated in how you feel and empowered to work through your struggles. I believe that when a person feels truly heard and well supported that her health and well-being can truly flourish.  I work cooperatively, knowing that together, we can foster greater awareness and understanding. My job is to encourage and gently challenge you to try different ways of thinking and acting, so that you can feel how you want to feel. I focus on co-creating a safe space with you while supporting you in deepening your insight and self-care. 

Life transitions can feel overwhelming and lonely but do not have to be an isolating experience.

 I am a warm and compassionate therapist who strives to be non-judgemental. I love the work that I do and I feel honored that people choose me as their therapist. As your therapist I believe that the best treatment comes from feeling understood and I will work with you to relate differently to your struggles. I do this by creating space for your feelings, focusing on your strengths, cultivating awareness, fostering self compassion, exploring patterns in your life and practicing mindfulness.  

I solely offer therapy services online to those in New Jersey.

I provide therapy services through a secure and confidential website. By offering this service, I can fit into your life with ease and flexibility. Online therapy is new to many people and I am happy to speak with you more about how this works. 

My practice is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Take a look around and let me know how I can support you. You can also find me on Facebook! 

Feel free to contact me below or through telephone!

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Kaylin Morrissey, LCSW

Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210

(609) 425-1442